Mental Health & Substance Abuse Counseling in Spokane, WA  $150 / $125 / $135

Fees: The initial 60 minute intake session is charged $150 with subsequent sessions charged $125 per 45-minute session. Extended length sessions of 55-minutes are offered for $135.  Payment is due at the time of service using cash or credit/debit card.  Missed sessions or cancellations less than 24-hours prior to a scheduled appointment are charged $80 (not billable to insurance). You will be asked to provide credit card information to be kept on file for billing and missed session/late cancellation fees.

Insurance: Before you decide to use your insurance benefits for therapy, please be aware of the following: Your insurance company requires I provide them with some of your personal information in order to facilitate payment. This may include when you were seen, your diagnosis and treatment summary information including symptoms to justify the need for treatment ("medical necessity"). This information may impact job prospects, ability to obtain future coverage, life insurance acceptance and rates. Depending on your circumstances, you may not want this type of information disclosed to an outside party, therefore you should give this decision careful consideration. Additionally, you may be seeking therapy to address life circumstances that do not qualify for a diagnosis; in this case, your insurance will not cover the cost of the sessions.  

I am a contracted provider for some insurance companies.  Session fees are billed directly to your insurance and payments for these sessions are usually based on contracted amounts that are preset by your insurance company ("allowables").  Please be prepared to pay $125 toward your first visit pending confirmation of your exact insurance benefits.  Missed sessions or cancellations less than 24-hours prior to a scheduled appointment are charged an $80 fee and not billable to insurance. It is recommended that you call your individual insurance company to verify your "outpatient mental health benefits," including copay, deductible and coinsurance amounts.

Contracted Insurances (In-Network): Blue Cross Blue Shield, First Choice Health Network, Premera Blue Cross, and LifeWise.

Substance Abuse / Chemical Dependency Assessment $250

Assessment and Level of Care Placement recommendations (ASAM) are charged at $250 for intake, 90-minute assessment, placement recommendations, and formal recommendation write-up.  This service is not billable to insurance and payment is requested prior to intake. Please note, if you are being ordered by a court to complete an assessment, they will most likely require you to seek assessment/treatment by a DASA certified treatment agency.

Clinical Supervision (LICSWA, LASWA, LMHCA) $125 ind / $90 grp

I meet the Washington State Department of Health's requirements as a clinical supervisor for licensure hours.  Individual supervision is charged at $125 per clinical hour (50-minutes).  Group supervision is charged at $90 per clinical hour (3 or more associates).